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The Snacking Dead by D.B. Walker

the snacking dead cookbook

Life does not come to an end when the Zombie Apocalypse strikes. There will be those of us who survive. The ones like you and I who have prepared with our Zombie proof trucks, survival kits, and careful planning. Did you prepare to enjoy life after the Zombie invasion begins? The Snacking Dead Cookbook by D.B. Walker helps us discover the proper ways to snack while on the run and tucked away in our Zombie proof survival caves. Learn how to forage for food in the surrounding landscape while keeping your Zombie stopping weapons ready. Of course, you may need to venture to ransacked market to acquire a few of the ingredients, but Walker makes sure to keep his recipes simple and quick since we need to move fast. This parody cookbook sheds a new light on Zombie survival tactics and provides some delicious ideas to try while we sit down to enjoy the next episode of the Walking Dead.

You can pre-order your copy today on Amazon for $14.99.

(Makes you wonder if finger foods are cooked with real Zombie Fingers, doesn’t it?)

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