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The Trooper Limited Edition iPad 2 Case

clamcase trooper

Just when you thought you were finished with Star Wars ClamCase ($149 USD) has to come out with one more reason to join the Star Wars fanatics.  The Trooper clamshell case is one of the coolest gadgets released for the iPad2 to date. The case is not an ordinary protective clamshell.  It transforms your iPad into an efficient laptop computer.  It the iPad 2 sitting comfortably in the upper half and a keyboard mounted in the bottom.  You can flip open the case and type furiously on documents, emails, or love notes.

The clamshell is created in high contrast white and black, just like a Storm Trooper’s outfit. This is first in the new series of inspired cases by ClamCase.  If it is any indication of their future offerings they may have struck gold.