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This Awesome Gadget Allows You To Fill 100 Water Balloons At A Time


Water balloon battles usually come down to a single deciding factor. Who can fill balloons the fastest and stay in the battle. Bunch O Balloons is a crazy concept that is currently getting funded on Kickstarter that can instantly transform you from a simple knave on the water balloon battleground into the King of Water Balloons. Bunch O Balloons lets you fill balloons in groups of 37 at a time, PLUS they tie themselves. Hook up the hose, turn on the water, and in just a few moments you have 37 balloons ready for action. The company claims you can fill up to 3 sets in less than a minute.

How can anyone compete in the battle is you can have 37 balloons ready in the time it takes them to fill and tie one or two? For a $30 funding donation, you get two hundred balloons. That is enough to let you take over the battlefield and crown yourself champion.



Via Kickstarter