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To-Do Pocket Notebook with Complete Honesty

shit fucking done notebook

Sometimes there are things which just have to get done now. You need a To-Do notebook which does not pull any punches The Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done notebook does not let you wonder about the importance of items inside, it tells it just like it is.

Imagine each morning picking up this stark reminder off of your dresser and putting it into your shirt pocket. You know right away this stuff has gotta be done now. Will it be a motivating factor, or just a good humored way to get your friends attention at home and in the office. Picture the look on the face of your boss when you slide the notepad across to him and say “I already have it on my list.”

This clever and very truthful To-Do pocket notebook is only $9.95 for a set of two 3″x5″ notebooks with 32 pages. Where else can you get that motivating punch of honesty for less than $10? If you have a little more serious list you can grab the wire bound notebook with 100 pages and a beefier 5″x7″ size for just $11.95.

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