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Torch Wearable Coat Heater

torch coat heater

Tis’ the season to be freezing and Torch Coat Heater is here to the rescue. Add this incredibly practical wearable heater and be sure to be able to tackle the coldest of cold days. This heater can keep you warm for up to 5 hours on one single charge but if you are feeling like really ramping this bad boy to high heat, it will last for around 2 to 3 hours. You can choose between four heat settings to accommodate whatever temperature you desire. It easily attaches, via velcro, to virtually any type of coat and is thin, so do not worry of it being noticeable when you are wearing it. This makes the perfect gift for those who plan on spending some time up in the country or if you plan on walking your dog late at night in the frigid cold.

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