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Towel-Matic Touchless Towel Dispenser

towel-matic touchless towel dispenser

We have to admit that we think it is really cool in public bathrooms when the towel dispenser kicks out a piece of paper at the wave of our hand, but it is never quite long enough. We have to question how necessary it is at home, but you know what? Being the electronic nuts we are, we just gotta have one. The Towel-Matic Touchless Towel Dispenser gives us that same cool towel dispensing we get in public restrooms, but this time it uses a full sized paper towel and is in our home. The dispenser works great in both the kitchen or bathroom, but we really appreciate it in the kitchen. When you have your hands coated in BBQ sauce from dealing with wings, who wants to reach up and get a bunch of towels dirty? You can just wave your fingers in front of the sensor and it dispenses a single towel instantly. Of course, if you are stingy you can turn it down to half sheets, or be generous and crank it up to a full two sheets.

The dispenser sells on Amazon for under $50.

Via Amazon