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Toy Mercedes Benz AMG 63 Car

mercedes benz christmas collection 2011 gift

It is time your kids stepped up to a Mercedes Benz AMG 63 for their driving pleasure, too. Many of us “big kids” have a Mercedes Benz on our list of dream cars, and now our children can, too. For just a few hundred dollars you can put your kids who are 3 years old and above behind the wheel of a battery powered Mercedes.  You can put them behind the wheel of a silver AMG 63, a blue Mercedes SL, or even a big G-Class Mercedes SUV. The kids will have a blast driving up and down the driveway, across the yard, and down the sidewalk on their dream wheels.  The cars come equipped with either a 6V or 12V rechargeable battery to keep them rolling for hours of fun.  Then you just plug it into a wall socket and get it ready for the next  day of action. Don’t wait any longer for the perfect gift for your childen this holiday and check out Kids Auto Center today!

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