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Travel Dominoes by Walnut Studiolo

travel dominos

Sometimes a company name and a product confuse us, but the product still wows us. Walnut Studiolo has released a fantastic new set of Travel Dominoes laser cut from wood and decorated with their own cool take on the dot arrangements on the dominoes. The confusing facet of the set is that Walnut Studiolo used birch to make the dominoes. Aside from the name confusion, the dominoes are fantastic. Walnut Studiolo shrunk the size of the dominoes to make them more convenient for travel, but kept the proportions right on the mark. The smaller sized dominoes can be held in your hand, at least until you draw from the pile a few too many times.

You can buy the Travel Dominoes in a simple muslim bag, but you should take a look at the birch and leather box which provides greater protection and looks incredible. The set in muslim bag sells for $35, the boxed set at $75, or the monogrammed box set for $85, which would make a great gift.




Via Bless This Stuff and Walnut Studiolo