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Travis Mathew Glass Ping Pong Table


Ping Pong tables have become common place in family rooms around the world, but this Travis Mathew ping pong table is far from common place. Travis Mathew’s Glass Ping Pong table is built with a 300 pound sheet of glass polished to perfection. The table’s frame is constructed of 1/8 inch wall structural steel painted with auto quality detail to make it durable and gorgeous. Every table is custom built and hand crafted. Travis Mathew makes sure you are ready to celebrate when your table arrives in your home by providing you with 100 ping pong balls, 2 custom made paddles, and a matching wine bucket to keep that bottle of celebratory champagne ice cold.

You will never have to worry about tricky paddle tricks under the edge of the table again. Everything is in clear view.  No price is listed on the Travis Mathew website for this incredible table, but you can contact them for details.





Via HiConsumption and Travis Mathew