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Two Person Umbrella

two person umbrella

There she stands looking cute and forlorn, stuck under the awning of the building watching the pouring rain with no umbrella. It is your big chance. You walk up, ask if she wants to share your umbrella, and then amaze her as you pop open a double wide umbrella. Just wink and tell her, “I bought this just for us.” Ok, maybe you do not need an umbrella for a pickup line, but having a Two Person Umbrella is handy. You can share it with your lady, parents, or your kids to keep everyone dry. No more being Mr. Macho holding the umbrella over them while you still get drenched, now it is big enough for you and them at the same time. The Two Person Umbrella folds down to the same convenient size as a standard umbrella with just a touch more thickness.

Is staying dry and being ready to help out a damsel in distress worth $50? You can order your Two Person Umbrella from Amazon.

Via Amazon