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Umbra Pet Tent

umbra pet tent

Taking along a place for your dog to hangout while you camp, go on vacation, or picnic is a royal hassle. Those hard plastic and metal dog kennels take up too much room in your car to haul on a moment’s notice. The Umbra Pet Tent is a great solution the problem.

The pet tent uses a mechanism similar to an oversized umbrella to raise and lower the tent. It folds down into a small bundle that fits inside a nylon bag you can stick in the corner of the trunk. Even better, the tent is cool and allows airflow to keep your pet comfortable.

The tent is priced at $140, making it very affordable. No longer do you need to worry about that doggy smell filling up your camper or tent. You can just put them in their own tiny tent and keep your living space just for you.

Via PetEgo