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Unique Black and White Clock Concept

black and white clock design

From Kibardin Design comes ones of the most interesting clock designs you will find.  The Black and White clock is an amazing study into how simplicity can quickly turn into an amazing innovative design.

The Black and White clock is created from individual OLED numbers made from polycarbonate.  Each number stands 11cm tall by 4cm wide.  They are a slim 1cm thick.  Each number has a self-contained power source and control.  When combined these unique numbers and create a clock which is simple, clean, and stunning on your wall.

It is intriguing how losing the case and all the associated plastic and wires creates this amazing appearance.  The clock can be in white for mounting on dark surfaces or black when mounted on a light background.

The clock is not currently available through retailers and can only be acquired by contacting Kibardin Design.

Via Kibardin Design