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Unknwn & Beats by Dre Limited Edition Titanium Headphones


How cool is a set of Titanium Beats by Dre inspired by Unknwn and signed by Lebron James? They are so cool that only 6 of them were created with Lebron being the proud owner of the first pair. The other 5 pairs were offered by the Unknwn store in Miami in a unique raffle. You purchase your first ticket and then can earn additional tickets for each $50 purchased in the store. But wait a minute. You are not winning these awesome headphones in the raffle, you win the right to be the first to purchase a set. That’s right, you still have to pay for the headphones and be in the store at the time of the raffle ready to pay. Are they worth the price of the raffle and the $500 purchase price? How much do you think a Titanium Beats by Dre signed by two time NBA Champ, future NBA Hall of Fame, and one of the games best players ever might be worth? $500 sounds like a bargain.

Via High Snobiety and Unknwn