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UP by Jawbone

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Come on!  Get up out of that chair!  You have been sitting down too long!  Do you need that kind of reminder sometimes at home or in the office.  We are often guilty of sitting on our backsides for hours on end without getting up for a stretch or a short walk.  The UP by Jawbone combines the power of your iPhone and a simple wrist worn monitoring system. Jawbone has combined a iPhone app and the wristband to help you track what you eat, how active you are, how well you sleep, and then gives you recommendations on what you could be doing to improve your life. It is amazing how we often maintain unhealthy lifestyles just because we don’t think about all those little deviations during the day. UP will help you keep records and get control of your habits.  The UP app and wristband is only $99.

Can be purchased on Jawbone.