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Vans Waffle Soles Bike Grips

vans waffle sole bike grips

You need powerful grip when you walk down the road. You need a powerfubil grip when you grab the handles of your bike. Now you can use the same style of rubber to get a grip on both the ground and your bike by getting a set of Vans Waffle Soles Bike Grips.

The grips are just what they sound like. They are the real sole design from the bottom of a pair of Van’s sensational shoes. They are made from the same rubber and give you the same grip you have come to love when you are out walk in your Vans.┬áMany bike grips are made out of low grade soft plastics which do not give you the same grip you would expect from soft pliable rubber. More importantly, they look really cool on your bike.┬áThe grips were designed by the Cult group at Vans and then shipped over to ODI for production. They use the secret rubber blend which helps make Vans shoes comfortable, durable, and stylish.

The grips are very cheap at only $10.99 for a pair.

Via CultCrew