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Watch Cufflinks


watch cufflinks

Have you ever sat around staring at the inner workings of a watch in amazement? The bronze and stainless steel gears and springs working in unison creating an amazing mechanical beauty. Now you can take that amazing look and put it on the sleeves of your shirt with the Watch Cufflinks ($85-$125). These cufflinks will not make life in easier.  They are just as hard to gets poked through those french cuffs as any other cufflink, but at least this time you will look cool. The cufflinks are created from real watch innards in two great styles. Both styles of watch cufflinks come complete with the watch stems allowing you to play with those inner workings. They are mounted to a traditional cufflink clasp which allows them to work with any french cuffed shirt. The hex style cuff links retail for $85, while the other style goes for $125. If you have been looking for a unique style for going out on the town or even to wear to the office, these cufflinks will grab attention and get people talking.