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Weismann Spyder

Wiesmann Spyder

This is one tough little car.  The Wiesmann Company has created one of the most outstand cars to carry the name Spyder in many years.  The car tips the scales at an ultralight 1000Kilograms.  With a 420 HP 4 liter engine tucked under the hood it can zip for 0-100KPH in under 4 seconds.  The car is capable of a top speed of 290KPH.

You will notice a couple in items missing from the Wiesmann Spyder.  The first one is the lack of any windscreen.  Don’t smile when you are driving fast or you will be cleaning bugs out of your teeth. 

The other missing element is doors.  You will need to hop into the Wiesmann Spyder.  No need to worry for the moment since the Weismann Spyder is still a concept car but being considered for production in 2012.  For many companies this might mean it will never see the light of day, but with Wiesmann there is a good chance.   The Spyder may be their most extreme car to date, but is not far removed from the other spectacular cars manufactured by Wiesmann.

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