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Whimsical Playing Cards by Oksal Yesilok

whimsical playing cards oksal yesilok

Are you bored with your old style of playing cards? Oksal Yesilok tooks his card boredom and turned it into Whimsical Playing Cards redefining the appearance of a 54-Card Deck. His passion to create a unique set of playing cards consumed 3-months finalizing with printing his first decks of cards with his line-based designs. The simple one-color design is only simple in respect to the narrow lines and one color. The images for each card are elaborate, intriguing, and add joy to your game of cards. The backs of each card is decorated with a 3D appearing diamond texture. Oksal used his logo design skills to create images that are intriguing in their simplicity, but almost hypnotizing in their final appearance.








Via Oksal Yesilok