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Wildebeest Funston Collapsible Pet Bowl

funston collapsible pet bowl

Taking your pet on the road is a combination of fun and frustration. You have to take extra things along, just like for the kids. You need the leash, the water bowl, the food bowl, and other things that all take up space. The new Wildebeest Funston Collapsible Pet Bowl eliminates the problem of the food and water bowls taking up space and lets you keep one in the car full-time. The bowl collapses down to a flat sheet that stores under a seat or in the bottom of the trunk. When you need the bowl, you just pinch the sides into create a pet bowl that holds three cups of food or water.

Having two of these bowls takes up no more room in the car and lets you be fully prepared for your pets needs on the go. The bowls sell for $14 and come in 7 great looking colors.

Via Gessato