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Wipebook 2.0 the Reusable Notebook Whiteboard

wipebook reusable whiteboard notebook

Sometimes you need to break free from brainstorming and keeping notes on your laptop or tablet computer. You want a pen in your hand to jot down those ideas and doodle drawings that illustrate your points, but you know your thoughts are fluid, changing, and you might even need to clean the slate a few times. What is the happy medium between a cumbersome PC and the permanency of pen and paper? Wipebook hits the perfect balance. It looks like a standard notebook for taking to class, but instead of paper you have whiteboard pages so you can write, doodle, and erase. Wipebook lets your thoughts flow like only paper and pen allows, but gives you the flexibility to wipe away mistakes, or wipe the slate clean to start over.

The Wipebook Reusable Notebook Whiteboard is a KickStarter project from Frank Bouchard. You can order a Wipebook 2.0 starting at $25, or go for the original Wipebook for $15. The project started with a goal of $4,000 and so far has raised over $160,000, proving it is a concept that people strongly desire.

Via KickStarter