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Woodbourne Speakers by Polk Audio

woodbourne speaker

Think of all the amazing sounds that come our of classic wood guitar. The resonating sound that reaches through all levels of the human ear’s ability to hear. The Woodbourne Speakers by Polk Audio are just as sensational, and part of that magic comes from the beautiful design which looks amazingly like a slice off a guitar. Hidden inside the stylish case is high-tech Bluetooth speaker that is completely self-contained. The Woodbourne has a 4-channel onboard amplifier to clearly recreate sound. You can connect to the Woodbourne using either Bluetooth or Airplay technology. That is not the only methods of connectivity. There are six ways to connect to this amazing speaker. You can use USB, Optical, Stereo 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth, Airplay, and Ethernet.

The Woodbourne Speaker is priced at $606 on Amazon.


Via Polk Audio and Amazon