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Wrench Hook Set

wrench hook set

What could be cooler than hanging your coat, hat, or tool belt from the Wrench Hook Set ($35)? These bent wrenches would look great in your garage, basement workroom, shop, or even your man cave at home. The wrenches have the all masculine, chest-thumping, hand me another brew look you need for those sacred places of getting down to work. These are real vintage wrenches which are heated to a glowing red and then bent to form the hook. Then dunked in water to lock in their strength and shape. These are not some weak hook which is going to break when you get just a little aggressive ripping your jacket from the hook. They can take a beating in your shop and stay looking great. These cleverly created coat hooks would make a great gift for any guy who enjoys tinkering around in his garage, or a home do-it-yourself’er.  The set of 3 hooks retails are created by FreakofMetal out of Mesa, Arizona.