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Wu Tang Prepares to Launch Only 1 Copy of New Album

wu tang 1 copy album

Every band hopes to watch their sales leap to the stratosphere, but Wu Tang is about to take a direction no one has ever tried before. They have been secretly recording “Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” over the last several years with fans anxiously awaiting something new. Now comes word through Forbes Magazine that Wu Tang will only release one copy of this new album, one amazing copy.

The new album will be encased in a silver and nickel box which will be sold to the highest bidder. The box is so elaborate that it belongs in museums, which is exactly where it is heading first. The box and album will circulate through several museums before being sold. The album is being kept under extremely tight wraps. Security plans include searching all people interested in hearing the album to eliminate recording devices and only allowing them to hear the music via headphones provided by the museum.

Will the buyer be a studio who will then release the magic to us all? Will it be bought be a private collector who hordes the Wu Tang collectible for himself? Time will tell.

Via Forbes