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Zombie Apocalypse Bedding

zombie apocalypse bedding

Blood splatters stain your pillowcases. Gruesome bloody hands reach, grope, and seek your warm flesh to rip you apart. Trails of dripping blood dot the sheets. Sleep well.

Textile designer, Melissa Christie, takes our most sinister nightmares and puts them on our bedding. Instead of staring at the next episode of the Walking Dead, we can sleep with those slimy hands reaching for us throughout the night. We can roll over to kiss our loved one and sink our face right into the dried blood stains. These tremendous sheets give our nightmares a basis in reality and our warped sense of style a high-five.

You can grab a set of these cool sheets from It’s Alive for around $150 for a complete set. Zombie fighting weapons not included.

Via Dude I Want That and It’s Alive Design