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Zombie Foot Dog Toy

zombie foot dog toy

We have had you lusting after the Zombie Apocalypse Truck, the Zombie Survival Kit, and other Zombie Gear, now it is time to get your prime defender ready for the onslaught of Zombies we all know is just around the corner. The Zombie Foot Dog Toy will get your dog ready to chomp, chew, and survive on any Zombie body parts that are left lying around.

Your dog might even get aggressive and rip those Zombie feet off for himself. This fun dog toy is created out of squishy vinyl and decorated to look just like a decapitated zombie foot. You can toss the foot, let your dog chew, and have fun for hours. You can start training your dog for the impending Zombie apocalypse for only $10 through Gamago’s online store.

Just make sure you keep a close eye on your dog after he starts enjoying Zombie parts. We still have no idea if that Zombie inducing virus affects dogs or not.

Via Gamago