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Zombie Kettlebells by Onnit Fitness


When you are training to survive the next wave of the Zombie Invasion, it is critical you never lose sight of your goal. The Zombie Bells by Onnit Fitness will keep you on track as Zombie faces bob up and down with each rep of your tough workout. These awesome kettlebells are a new release from Onnit Fitness, famous for their gnarly Primal Kettlebells featuring snarling apes. The Zombie Bells come with four different faces, but all are wickedly tough. The tiny Brain Goblin starts the fun at 18 pounds, followed by Staple Head at 36 pounds, Ghostface Thrilla at 54 pounds, and the 72 pound  heavyweight, Mega Dead. If you survive a battling workout with these heavyweight Zombies, you will be ready for the real battle to come.

The Zombie Bells start at $42.95 to $169.95 for the monster 72 pound bell. You can get the entire set for $407.

zombie bells

Via Onnit Fitness