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Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper

zombie wine bottle stopper

They claim a glass of wine per day is great for your heart and overall health, but would  you be sure of those facts if you found a bottle with a Zombie arm sticking out of the top, a finger extended as if asking you, “One more drink?”

The Zombie Wine bottle stoppers are a cool way to seal up your bottles of wine to store in your refrigerator, or to help keep them fresh during a party. The gory looking Zombie hand is made from urethane and has a high quality cork to seal back up the bottle. The real joy of these stoppers is not what it does for the wine, but for what it does to grab attention and add fun to your party, or to scare your family when they pop open the refrigerator.

You can order the Zombie Wine Stopper from Neato for $11.95.

Via NeatoShop