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Carol Christian Poell Object Dyed No Seam Drip Rubber Leather Sneaker

carol christian poell sneakers

It would take a shoe artist to come up with this name for a shoe “Object Dyed No Seam Drip Rubber Leather Sneaker”. Amazingly the name is the exact thing your are getting.  These odd looking sneakers are created out of calf skin and kangaroo, which already qualifies them as a little strange.

Then Carol Christian Poell did some the strangest things to these shoes.  They are dyed and then dipped in rubber.  Not just a little bit of rubber for the soles of the shoes, but the entire shoe is cased in rubber.  Then to make things even stranger and unique Poell created the sole with a dripped rubber appearance with strings of rubber hanging down.

Admittedly these shoes are not for everyone, but if you want to grab attention and have one of the coolest fashion statement around, these shoes may be perfect.  These shoes were made as part of Poell’s 2010 collection and may be a bit difficult to find today.  The originally sold for 1638 Euro.