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Custom Hand Painted Star Trek Shoes

custom hand painted star trek sneakers

Who is willing to admit they are the biggest Trekkie in town?  If you are ready to step out in front of the world to show your love for Star Trek, these shoes will provide the perfect way. Every pair of these custom shoes are painstakingly hand-painted by East Bay California.  They even give you the option to save money by sending in your own pair of shoes and can do customization of the design for a little extra money. 

The standard shoes are a comfortable pair of slip-on canvas loafers painted with a durable technique to make sure they can stand up to daily wear.  These cool shoes cost $170.  Interestingly East Bay California even offers options for payments on the shoes to make sure all rabid Trekkie fans can grab a pair.

Your painted Star Trek Shoes can even stand up to water without running or becoming damaged.

Via The Fancy can be purchased through Etsy