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Date Adjust Cufflinks


Cufflinks usually serve a single purpose, to keep your sleeves closed. Ok, we admit they serve the purpose of trying to grab attention and making you look great, too. The Date Adjust Cufflinks from FACA add one more purpose, telling you what day it is, or we guess you could set them for the date you want to achieve a goal. Now, we have to ask that tough question. Do you really look at your cufflinks to get the date? Heck, who cares, the fact is the cufflinks look cool with their brushed steel finish and the clever rotating panels to change the date.

While we may never rely on these intriguing cufflinks to tell us the date, they might be the perfect reminder so don’t forget important events like a wife’s birthday, our anniversary, or God forbid, Valentine’s Day. The Date Adjust Cufflinks from FACA are priced at $40.

Via GearHungryFACA and Cufflink Crate