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eJoux Interactive Bracelet

ejoux interactive bracelet

It is time to throw away those boring gold, silver, and platinum bracelets.  It is time to strap on the eJoux Interactive Bracelet and step into the future of jewelry.

This bracelet takes your jewelry a step closer to Sci-Fi reality.  The bracelet is equipped with bluetooth to allow uploading music, text, and other data to the bracelet. 

The designer of this cool bracelet is Biju Niyyan.  The bracelet has the potential to be used for caller ID, schedules, and all kinds of little reminders. The bracelet cannot only display your sayings rotating on the bracelet, but it can even display graphics of your choosing.

The future of jewelry like the eJoux interactive bracelet could be amazing.  It may not be long before you are able to read your Facebook stream and Twitter feed right on your wrist.

If you want to watch people’s jaw drop when they see the creativity and pizzazz of your bracelet then the eJoux Interactive Bracelet is a better choice than a boring metal piece of jewelry.

Via BitRebels