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Grey Knight by SOFWorks

grey knight

Have you ever dreamed of being the knight in shining armor? What about being the black knight that is always stirring up mischief? Your dreams are about to come true and you do not even need to get uncomfortable. SOF Works created a flannel hoodie that has the color, look, and feel of a real suit of armor, but instead of being stiff and cold is flexible and warm. You can flip down the protective mask to thwart sword strikes, or to avoid getting a cold blast of wind in your face.

The Grey Knight jacket has extra padding and t shoulders, elbows, and wrists emulating the protective metal plates on a suit of armor. If you are ready to ride to your lady’s rescue as a knight, just choose whether you need a small, medium, or large and toss $125 on the table. You can be a knight of the round table in just a few days.



Via SOF Works