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Gucci Metal Aviator Glasses

Gucci Metal Aviator Sunglasses

Gucci is synonymous with style, class, and quality.  These Gucci Metal Aviator Glasses are no exception to the rule.  Their style statement begins with a smoky brown lens with a double gradient, fade from dark to light, to provide exceptional sunlight protection and easy forward viewing.

The frames are double bridged over the nose to provide strength.  These glasses are designed to last a lifetime.  You can quickly identify the sunglasses as 100% Gucci by the engraved brand name on the lens and on each of the arms.  You even get a certificate of authenticity with your pair of Gucci Metal Aviator Glasses, which is one quick way to confirm they are original or knock-offs. 

The Aviator Glasses come bundled with Gucci leather case and cleaning cloth.  Just a couple more of those small details which make Gucci products so popular.  Gucci has learned how to take care of clients with high quality and style with over 90 years of experience in the market.

The Gucci Metal Aviator Glasses retail for 329GBP or about 530 USD

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