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Lego Star Wars Storm Trooper Cufflinks

Lego Storm Trooper Star Wars Cufflinks

Star Wars buffs need to have all the coolest items to complete their wardrobe and this might be the perfect finishing touch.  The Lego Star Wars Storm Trooper Cufflinks are one of the best gifts for men who cannot get enough Star Wars in their lives. The cufflinks are created from real Lego Star Wars pieces and mounted on silver plated studs.  They will work perfectly with your best dress and work shirts allowing you to proudly announce your passion.

They come packaged in their own little silver drawstring treasure bag to keep them safe and clean between wearings.  These cool little cuff links only cost $19.99, about the same price as any other decent pair of cuff links. If you or a friend are Star Wars nuts, you need to check these out and grab a set.

Can be purchased on Etsy