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Miansai x Mosley Tribes Cosley Frames Sunglasses

miansai x mosley tribes cosley frame sunglasses

It seems like 2012 may be the year of design collaborations. Some of these combinations can be disasters and others produce a classic combination. The Miansai x Mosley Tribes Cosley Frames Sunglasses are one of those classic combinations.

Miansai is famous for their great jewelry and fashionable accessories. Mosley Tribes is equally famous for their great sunglasses and other products. Miansai is providing a stylish lanyard for keeps your sunglasses in place as their contribution to this collaboration. The lanyard uses a striped silver rope along with a leather safety. The hooks are created from sterling silver. Those stylish silver hooks are a perfect match for the cut outs lined with silver found in the Mosley Tribes sunglasses.  The sunglasses are a flat black color with blue mirror lenses.

This combination provides you with great style with out crossing over into an outlandish look. The combination would work just as easily with a suit for the office or a swimsuit for the beach. This awesome collaboration is available for $295 through either Barney Co-Op of the Miansai websites exclusively.