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Mykita for Japan Sunglasses

mykita sunglasses for japan

Mykita has released a special edition of the their highly popular Franz sunglasses in support of the Japanese relief efforts.  The bright red lenses of these fashionable aviator glasses will immediately catch you attention.  The startling red is framed with white lacquered stainless steel giving these classes a great look. 

The really cool thing about these sunglasses is the intent behind them.  Every dollar, excluding taxes, is going directly to the relief efforts in Japan.  You need to order fast if you want a pair of these amazing sunglasses since only 100 will ever be made.  The Mykita for Japan Sunglasses were designed by Bernhard Wilhelm.

The price of these limited edition sunglasses is only 250 Euro or approximately 360 USD.  For a pair of unique sunglasses in limited production it is an outstanding price.

These sunglasses look like they just walked out of a science fiction movie or the out of the future.

Via The Awesomer Buy At Mykita