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Nike Air Max 1 – Black Smoke

Nike Air Max 1 Black Smoke Sneakers

How is Nike always able to take their simple designs and keep creating fabulous new creations?  The Nike Air Max 1 Black Smoke is not a dramatic change, it is just a simple variation on their classic appearing shoes. The Nike Swoosh of the Black Smoke melds into the rest of the upper with the matching color.  The only contrasting colors on the shoe are the white mid-soles, white piping, and a lighter gray suede highlight running across the shoe just below the laces.

The shoes carry all the classic style and performance you expect from Nike.  With their dark smokey appearance they would be great with a pair of jeans for a night out on the town. The Nike Air Max 1 Black Smoke is part of Nike’s 2011 collection so can be bought today for only 129.95€ or about $180.00.