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Osloh, The Perfect Biker Jeans and Shorts

oshloh biker jeans

Buying off the shelf jeans and shorts are not a great choice for bicycle riders. Riding your bike to the office or school puts additional stress on pockets, inseams, knees, and other parts of the jeans. Your clothes fail fast. Even worse, those clothes feel awful when you ride. They do not move with you, but resist your motions, often leading to irritated skin, rashes, and pain. Osloh is trying to change all of that by producing clothing that looks great but is designed with a bicycle rider’s needs in mind. The clothes offer double lined pockets, quilted reinforced crotch and seat areas, plus many other bike rider specific needs. If you love to ride your bike, but want to be ready to walk into school or the office when you dismount, Osloh’s Biker Jeans and clothes are leading the way.

You can pre-order Osloh clothes or help fund their project on KickStarter. Prices start around $98.





Via KickStarter