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Patta, Warrior & Staedtler Sneakers

patta warrior staedtler

Warrior has been a household  name in China for decades because of its classic and affordable silhouettes. Due to its success in China, the best move was to partner up with German writing instruments company Staedtler to present a mini back-to-school collection in Europe. The Club model comes in 3 basic colors: red, blue and black. All three feature canvas uppers atop a white midsole, pen-scratched byhand with Staedtler permanent markers and a waterproof coated, which means your getting your hands on a unique pair. Each pair comes in custom packaging, and includes a set of Staedtler stationery containing a corresponding Lumocolor 318 Permanent marker, Mars Lumograph HB pencil, Mars Plastic slide sleeve eraser and a mini writing pad. These sneakers are awesome to pick a pair up for only €50.

Via Patta purchase at warriorfootwear