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Pineapple Grenade Cufflinks

Pineapple Grenade Cufflinks

Getting ready to head out on an explosive date?  Maybe you are meeting up with the guys for a night of serious beer drinking and telling tall tales.  It is time to toughen up your style with a set of these Pineapple Grenade  Cuff-Links from MathMatiks.

These stylish pineapple grenande cuff-links is one idea in gifts for men in the military or retired from military duty.  Imagine your friends delight at receiving these cool cuff-links as gift for surviving boot camp or special forces training.  MathMatiks has other pieces of jewelry sporting the pineapple hand-grenades, including an awesome necklace for men. 

The black grenade is made from gun-metal with the handle being plated in 24K gold.  Using gun-metal makes these cuff-links an even better choice for those crazy friends of yours who enjoy heading out to the gun range to blast away at targets.

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