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Raparo Hiking Boots

Raparo Hiking Boots for Men

Hiking boots are normally dull drab boring affairs. There are exceptions to this rule, which is where the Raparo Hiking Boots enter the picture. These boots would look great out on the trail for an easy hike, but may not be suited for intense hiking days. The boots are ideal to wear out on a picnic, around town, or even cruising on your motorcycle.  The boots are made from aged brown leather which gives the boots an unbelievable appearance.

The uppers look fantastic with the ribbed stitching around the ankles. The white rubber soles not only grip the ground securely, they add a touch of added style to the boots. As you probably already know, any good pair of hiking boots or shoes with excellent style carry a slightly higher price tag. The Raparo Hiking Boots cost approximately 255 GBP which is equal to about 415 USD.