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Rib Stain Camo T-Shirt

rib stain camo

There is only one big problem with barbecue ribs, chicken, and brats. They are messy. You get that great tasting BBQ sauce everywhere. You do not want to eat like some city slicker and use a fork and knife. You want to pick that BBQ up in your fingers, dive your face into it, and eat. You know it is going to drip on your shirt, but now no one else will ever know it happened. The Rib Stain Camo clothes are prestained, or is that printed, with realistic looking barbecue stains all over the shirt. Heck, when you flip a big old glob of bbq sauce on the shirt is will look like it belongs there.

Are you ready to put your BBQ fears behind ¬†you and eat like a real man? Then grab your Rib Stain Camo, throw the napkins away, toss the fork and knife under the table, and let the eatin’ begin. Order your Rib Stain Camo for $14.99 through the Rib Stain Camo Company.

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