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S-Lab Light Jacket by Salomon

salomon s-lab light jacket

You’re jogging down the trail and a light drizzle starts to fall. You feel the temperature begin to drop and start wishing you were wearing a jacket. How many of you joggers, bikers, and hikers leave your jacket behind because it is too bulky and heavy to lug everywhere? Would you carry a jacket that scrunches down to the size of a rolled up sock? What if it only weight 2.5 ounces? ┬áNow your excuses have become non-existent. The S-Lab Light Jacket by Salomon is tiny and effective.

No one is going to claim this thin jacket is going to keep you warm when the temperature plummets, but it will keep the wind off your skin, deflect a little rain, and keep your body temperature in check while you finish your jog or hike. This lightweight jacket is made out of fast drying nylon. The jacket sells for $80 through Amazon, a great price for a jacket you can carry in a fist.


Via Amazon