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SeaVees 2012 Spring-Summer 09/65 Bayside Moc

seavees 2012 spring summer 09-65 bayside moc

SeaVees is paying tribute to the birth of the beatnik hippie culture in Bayside in September 1965 with one of their latest shoe designs, the 09/65 Bayside Moc ($118). This moc style shoe plays perfectly into the culture using almost exclusively natural materials.

The design starts off with a cotton canvas upper with a  jute tape. The laces are created from oil impregnated leather. The inner soles and lining are manufactured using a woven bamboo fabric which is natually antibacterial and antifungal. The bamboo makes an ideal liner allowing your feet to breath naturally avoiding the stinky shoe syndrome.

The eyelets of the shoes are antique nickel. Natural gum rubber is used to make the shoes durable, comfortable, and of course to stay in the natural idea of the shoe. The shoes are available in a brown Arabica, slate navy, or tin grey color. The shoes would feel great worn against your bare feet with their natural design.