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Shwood x Huf Six-Ply Fade Sunglasses

Shwood HUF Six Ply Fade Sunglasses

Are you wanting a pair of sunglasses that will leave the Oakley owners staring in awe?  The Shwood x Huf Six-Ply Fade Sunglasses can get the job done. The sunglass frames are made out of 5 different types of wood layered together.  This includes East Indian rosewood, walnut, zebrawood, cherry, and maple.  This layered wood gives the frames their unique fade from dark to light appearance. The lenses are SOLA by Carl Weiss which offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, so not only do they look great on you they keep your eyes safe, too.

Each pair of sunglasses is handcrafted.  The case which is included with the sunglasses is created out of laser cut wood.  If you are worried about the environment you can rest with ease.  The wood for these glasses only comes from approved lumbering areas which implement sustainable growth plans.

If you would love to own of pair of these amazing sunglasses you need to move fast.  Current plans are to only produce 50 pairs.  You can find them online at Shwood and Bricksworth for $180.00.  If they are sold out, don’t worry.  They have a complete line of other amazing wood frame sunglasses to entice your mind.