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Skull Cufflinks by Trashness

skull cufflinks trashness

It is time to make a little different statement with your wardrobe. Do something a little modern, a bit old-style, and incredibly trashy. The Skull Cuffinks from Trashness take the old style Skull and Crossbones and update it with a square headed skull and gnarly looking crossed bones in brushed metal. These Skull Cufflinks will capture attention, but you can crank it up a notch by adding in the Skull Tie Clip from Trashness, too. It will be almost impossible for the men and women in the office to keep their mouths shut when they see these awesome accessories.

Trashness sells the cuff links for $14 and you only add another $14 to add the tie clip. That is a great bargain to get a look that is unique and adventurous.

Via Trashness