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What are Suitjamas? They are the hottest new trend in sleepwear. Guys, imagine heading out to the meet your girl for a great night out. You head back to your place to slip out of your jeans into something a little more comfortable. Then to her complete shock, you come strolling out of the bedroom decked out in a complete suit and tie ensemble that is satiny smooth and devilishly handsome. The question remains, will she be impressed, or be rolling on the floor laughing? Either way it is a winning combination.

The Suitjamas will shock you with their quality and appearance. They look better in person than in any photograph and surprisingly are very comfortable. Obviously, you did not slip into the Suitjamas with the intention to wear them all night, but we all know how that goes. You can sleep great all night long in your “suit” if the situation requires. Just remember, that giggle from the other side is a good thing, at least we hope so. Grab ¬†your set and look like a bedroom tycoon for just $79.95.

Via Legendary SuitJamas