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Timber T-Shirt Designs

Timber Lumberjack Tee

The Timber! T-shirts are far from an ordinary creation.  These t-shirts are designed to deliver a powerful message about the Lumberjack lifestyle including battles with bosses, wildlife, and even those dreaded BigFoot monsters.

The Timber! T-shirts are all creations of meticulous hand craftsmanship.  These awesome looking creation are hand drawn and then hand screened in a little garage in California.  To keep the All-American attitude going on these shirts Timber! makes sure to use only American Apparel Tri-Blend Track Shirts for all of their creations. 

Marilyn White Mens Tshirt

The shirts are a creation of the Chad Eaton who started out by only drawing and creating a few t-shirts for himself.  Soon friends were demanding shirts for themselves which lead to the launch of the Timber Preservation Society website and the launch of the Timber! T-shirts.

You can grab one of Chad’s Timber! creations for only 22GBP  in Europe, or for $22 in the USA.

Via Timber Preservation Society, Purchase in Europe via StreetMarket, in USA at Etsy