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These Ultra Realistic Big Face Animal Shirts are Amazing


Do you want to scare a bunch of kids? Put on one of these ultra realistic big face animal shirts and jump out of a dark corner. The photo-realistic image will have them screaming and running for cover in an instant. These shirts are so realistic you feel like the animal is going to jump off of your chest and take over the room.

Firebox has created 16 of these incredible shirts with more styles on the way. The most impressive of the shirts are the dog faces and the monkey which appear almost 3D. The arms of the shirts appear to take the place of the ears making the feel more complete. You could complete our scare tactic by pulling a dark ski mask over your face so everyone’s attention stays focused on this massive animal leaping our of the chest of a man. The shirts are very affordable at 15 to 20 GBP each.





Via Firebox