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Visvim Skagway Denim Hi Sneakers

Visvim Skagwat Denim Hi Sneakers

Are sneakers about style, sports, or just feeling great?  While the Visvim Skagway Denim Hi Sneakers will probably never win any contests on a basketball court they may win competitions in a street dance or style contest. The Skagway Denim Hi sneakers have the appearance of a throw-back to the decades old style of Converse hi-top sneakers, except with real style.  The uppers are made out of a premium quality denim with indigo laces snaking their way through the 9 pairs of eyelets. 

The tongue and rear heel of the shoes add style with a leapord skin design.  The sole of the shoes are the traditional rubber look and feel we have all become familiar with in denim high-top sneakers, nothing outstanding there. Grabbing a pair of these cool sneakers may present a few challenges at the moment.  The primary outlet is the F.I.L. store in Hong Kong.  Grabbing a pair of these shoes directly from that store might make them the coolest clothing item you own.

Via SlamXHype